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Y O G A    T R A I N I N G   



Adapt your skills for trauma


Mindful Movement and
Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training
September 8 and 9th
Upward Dog Yoga Centre, Ottawa, ON


We offer small group trainings for yoga teachers, clinicians and those living with or affected by trauma,
at locations across Ontario.

Facilitated by:
Brendon Abram and Kellie Dearman,

trauma sensitive yoga practitioners

Trauma is prevalent and knows no boundaries!

As much as 30% of the population experiences and lives through some degree of trauma related symptoms. Trauma is a subjective experience precipitated by life-threatening, or life-altering events. It overwhelms the individual and is characterized by a loss of control. Even when the event is over, the trauma experience can continue, producing an altered state of mind that negatively affects a person’s thinking, behaviour, psychological and physiological well-being.

Yoga's main role in addressing trauma is to help with the stabilization stage where the client learns to self regulate. Yoga helps with trauma in three main ways. First, it takes our awareness away from a past event experience, and into an experience of an event that is happening in the present moment. Second, it teaches us how to expand our window of tolerance to regulate physical, emotional, and intellectual sensation. Third, it encourages us to explore the concept that we are connected to something greater than ourselves.

The best kind of yoga for trauma is the one that works. It needs to meet the needs of the person living with trauma and be conveyed to them in a way that is understandable and acceptable. Our role as TSY practitioners is to help the person with trauma find a practice that works best for them.


Come learn how to adapt your yoga training to work effectively for those living with trauma!

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