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Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Mindfulness Training


This weekend workshop is for clinicians and mental health professionals who would like to incorporate yoga into their practice or yoga teachers who would like to learn how to teach a trauma sensitive style of yoga.

Developing a client’s capacity to self-regulate is an integral part of supporting their recovery from a trauma or stress related condition. Increasingly, mindful yoga is being recognized as an effective technique for learning how to regulate mood. What may not be as evident, however, is that you do not need to be a yoga teacher to teach trauma sensitive yoga. With some basic knowledge and a little practice, anyone who understands the essence of trauma and stress related conditions can incorporate the yogic practices of breath, mindful movement, and meditation into their treatment strategy. In this workshop you will learn how to do just that.

Course Objectives


At the end of the weekend participants will:

* Understand the fundamental principles of yoga and appreciate why yoga is so well suited to address the trauma condition;

* Learn a trauma sensitive yoga framework that can easily be adapted to help you meet the individual needs of the clients you work with;

* Learn and practice a trauma sensitive approach to any yoga pose or movement;

* Learn and practice a simple sequence of poses that you can share with your clients;

* Experience, learn, and practice  a number of other techniques you can employ to help clients self-regulate, including yoga nidra, a guided relaxation and meditation technique;

* Understand what makes a yoga session trauma sensitive and learn and practice how to conduct a safe offering;

* Know the best way to introduce the concept of yoga to your clients; and 

* Understand the rationale for, and an approach to, forming and working with small groups.

Great sharing!
Open to interactive learning.
Awesome combination of theory
and real life experiences.
Victoria Kalenteris ~ Etobicoke

A wonderful, interactive learning
experience. Excellent answers to
all questions posed.
RM ~ Toronto



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